10 Must See Modern Bookshelves

10 Must See Modern Bookshelves – Don’t know what to do with all those books laying around your house?


I share with you some bookshelves with a fantastic design that will fit right in your home!!

furniture-amazing-modern-white-wall-mounted-bookshelves-cool-hallway-decoration-ideas-multifunctional-bookcase-designs-for-cool-storage-system-and-interior-decoration  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves furniture amazing modern white wall mounted bookshelves cool hallway decoration ideas multifunctional bookcase designs for cool storage system and interior decoration

Design is quite unique, stylish and original.

Cool-Bedroom-with-Lots-of-Wood-Bookshelves  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves Cool Bedroom with Lots of Wood Bookshelves

“This shelf has an very original and modern design. You can’t store to much stuff on this shelf, but is a great way to decorate a wall, and put inside only the books and objects your really like.”

coleccionista-custom-bookcase-shelf-01  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves coleccionista custom bookcase shelf 01

The coleccionista, a fantastic bookcase from Boca do lobo!

with-bookshelves-on-wall-floor-lamp-design  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves with bookshelves on wall floor lamp design

”This multi-sized shelves design called the Quad Bookcase can store your CDs, DVDs, folders and books all in one clever product. For even more storage space, separate units can be joined together. Asymmetry in perfect balance!”

b48  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves b48


large-wall-bookshelf  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves large wall bookshelf


opus_shelving_1  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves opus shelving 1

Amazing-Cool-Bookworm-Bookshelf-Design-Pictures  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves Amazing Cool Bookworm Bookshelf Design Pictures


Decorating-Built-In-Bookshelf-Ideas  10 Must See Modern Bookshelves Decorating Built In Bookshelf Ideas

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

Source: Best Design Projects


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